BSB Flash Mob

Naar aanleiding van de wereldwijde Backstreet Boys Flash Mob, heeft Howie, uit naam van de groep, na het zien van alle filmpjes een bericht geplaatst op :

“ Hey to all you Flash Mobbers!! We want to give a huge THANK YOU and shout out to those of you who worked so hard to organize the Flash Mob for us this past Saturday, April 17th. The results were truly REMARKABLE. A lot of time and effort goes into organizing something of this magnitude, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work and amazing videos. So Kaportela & Dalessi_, Portugal, Caracas, Adriana Tebease, Milan, St. Petersburg (fancy editing going on there!), Amsterdam, Maracaibo (you guys literally stopped traffic!), Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Monterrey, Puebla (what a surprise when she came out of the suitcase!!), Barcelona, Taipei, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Cordoba, Madrid, Mexico City, Bulgaria, Frankfurt, Berlin, East Java, Rome, Switzerland, Cordoba, Peru, and of course Santiago and anybody else we missed, you guys are incredible. It was so fun to watch all of your videos at What a great Anniversary gift and a great way to KTBSPA all around the globe. Not to mention ya’ll got some moves!

With love,
Your Boys ”

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